at Mall’s Edge


Renante Solivar

What if a trek to the mall could be full of colour, vibrancy, and life instead of a quick stop and shop? Our vision for the intersection of 152nd &104th street transforms the journey to Guildford Mall in Surrey from NOW to WOW. Once a desert of surface-level parking, our proposed buildings aim to revitalize the site with a series of courtyards for festivals, street markets, and daily living. The buildings are designed to mimic stacked logs, with an elevated walk for residents and guests to explore the space beneath them. Residential spaces mingle with retail, arts centres, a media centre, and assisted living to create a vibrant neighbourhood with quiet places to feel the morning sun.

The promenade has a distinctive identity that comes not only from its structural elements, but also from its bold colour. A rich red façade with white and black accents unites the space, and mesh like canopies throughout create a dappled light, paying homage to the shade of the trees that line 152nd street. Together, they create a rich sense of place, infused with emotion, memory, and (most importantly) play.