at Mall’s Edge


Renante Solivar

Movement was the design inspiration for this new office building in Mount Pleasant. The long, narrow site at the intersection of three streets presented both a challenge and an opportunity to create a unique landmark. Our sculptural response envisions a prow, twisting upward in response to the geometry of this unusual corner. This movement is echoed in the building’s windows, with two contrasting glazing treatments that create rhythm and pattern. Carefully selected planting on an expansive green roof is also patterned according to the building’s geometry, creating a view for the taller buildings above.

In addition to its response to the site, the building also responds to its surrounding community. Manufacturing space on the ground floor and general office space above serves Mount Pleasant’s growing workforce, particularly the burgeoning tech office community. Offices have access to amenity spaces embedded in the green roof, and bicycle facilities below. Sustainability is also been woven through the design, with windows optimized to respond to their solar orientation and other energy-saving envelope materials. A marker in the centre of the community, the building both responds to its current needs and future evolution.