the Truth

Hanging Gardens
of Utah


Renante Solivar
Dennis Tang
Orod Aris

History expresses itself through the heritage buildings of blocks sixty-nine and seventy in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our solution for the interstitial spaces between them was a veil that floats above them, linking the city’s religious past to the creative centers of its present. This design competition was unique in that it was not about designing a building itself, but rather about connecting the disparate arts, entertainment, and business buildings of these blocks. Our design tapped into Salt Lake City’s rich past and present with an undulating canopy of honeycomb-shaped tiles over the two blocks, using photo-voltaic cells to both nurture and protect from the elements.

The veil explores the lightness of being in a pattern that ripples through the skyline, alternating between translucent, porous, and reflective. Its wavy structure has openings for light to shine through and highlight an important space; these gaps in the canopy also suggest a “Homeric Nod,” or break in the narrative continuity of the city’s interstitial spaces. The movement of the veil invites the creation of event spaces by folding down at three crossings while hanging plants and rooftop gardens hint at the image of a utopia that Salt Lake City was founded on.